Moving College Students, LLC is going into lawn care!


We have a big surprise announcement today. It’s so big that I have decided to publish it on the internet: Moving College Students, LLC is going into lawn care!

Until now, Moving College Students, LLC has been a moving company; all we have ever done is move people’s household goods from here to there. But now we’re branching out and expanding into new territory. We’re doing it because there is no lawn care near me.

Maybe you think I should have said that there is no lawn care company near me. But that’s not exactly what I’m trying to say.

What I’m trying to say is that everywhere I look around me all I can see is what I can only describe, for lack of better words, a total lack of lawn care.

The office of Moving College Students, LLC is located in Westminster, Colorado, just a few minutes north and west of downtown Denver. Westminster is an upscale, very green suburb, and there are lots of lawn care companies here, and lots of very nice lawns.

But the lawns in the immediate vicinity of our office are not so nice.

And that’s why last week I hired a college student to go around hanging flyers on front doors all around the area, announcing a new lawn care service.

I didn’t know if anyone would call the number I put on the flyer, but to my surprise a great many people did; a great many people; by the end of last week we had got almost 100 calls!

So I told Jack and Sam, my two main assistants, that it looked like it was time that we broadened our horizons and moved into the area of lawn care. We could do it easily, I told them: all I would have to do is hire a couple more college kids to start pushing lawn mowers for us.

Jack and Sam were all for it. And so next week we are going to start. Look for us in your area soon!